Women’s Motorcycle Conference *Online*: Reinvention

Friday, April 17, 2020 Conference Workshops
2:00 PM EST
Welcome Presentation: How to "Conference" Online
Alisa Clickenger, Leader - Women's Motorcycle Tours
3:00 PM EST
Refueling Your Passion, Finding Your Purpose
Porsche Taylor, Black Girls Ride
4:00 PM EST
Riding Till Dawn: Finding Light in the Darkness
Annemarie Norman, Founder, The Robby Fund
5:00 PM EST
Revvolutionary: Using Your Motorcycle as a Vehicle for Change
Kirsten Midura, Founder, Engines for Change
6:00 PM EST
Rolling Up Our Sleeves: Maker's Corner
Expert Panel, Moderated by Joanne Donn
7:00 PM EST
The Trust Transformation: How Forgiveness Brought Lori Back to Motorcycling
Lori 'Killgurl" Cannon, Killgurl.com
Friday, April 17, 2020* Connection Sessions
5:00 PM EST
Wind is Free: Staying Local, Distanced, and Engaged!
Open Discussion Moderated by Jen Eskew, Nashville Chapter BMW MOA Member (2 Hours)
8:00 PM EST
Roll Call! Open Networking Session for All Conference Attendees, Presenters and Moderators
Till the Wheels Fall Off!
Saturday, April 18, 2020* Conference Workshops
10:00 AM EST
Motorcycle Industry Hacks to Land Your Dream Employer Jan Plessner, Owner, ACTION Recruiting
11:00 AM EST
Reinvent Your Riding Through Education and Training Sarah Merrell, SportbikeSweetheart.net
12:00 PM EST
Breaking Boundaries: Open Heart, Open Mind, Endless Possibilities
Laura Peters
1:00 PM EST
Transformative Riding: Unlocking Your Potential on Bikes and in Life Expert Panel, Led by Jen Dunstan (1.5 hours)
2:30 PM EST
Building Confidence After a Crash
Expert Panel, Moderated by Alisa Clickenger (1.5 Hours)
4:00 PM EST
Reinventing Your Extremes: Long Distance Tips and Tricks Wendy Crockett, 2019 Iron Butt Rally Winner
5:00 PM EST
Empower Your Moto Self: How to Become a Self-Sufficient Motorcyclist
Tricia Szulewski, Editor, WomenRidersNow.com
6:00 PM EST
Revving Up a Spark From Within: Riding To Total Metamorphosis
Hanan Salim-Cullip
7:00 PM EST
Attitude is Everything: 50 States of Consciousness
Tricia Szulewski, Editor, WomenRidersNow.com, Erin Sills, Co-Chairwoman, WomenRidersNow.com, Sarah Schilke, Motorcycle Industry Veteran, SW-MOTECH USA Vice President and Co-Chairwoman of WomenRidersNow.com, and Maggie McNally, Director of Rider Outreach, WomenRidersNow.com
8:00 PM EST
Backstage Pass: After-hours Party"Momma D" Dee Jones, Owner, Momma D's Magic
Saturday, April 18, 2020* Connection Sessions
12:00 PM EST
Ladies DIY: Let's Get Technical! Open Discussion Moderated by Amy Mulligan, Builder, Women's Moto Show People's Choice Custom Build Winner (2 Hours)
4:00 PM EST
Community: Joining or Building Your Tribe
Open Discussion, Moderated by Katie McKay, Founder, GirlRiders
8:00 PM EST
Roll Out! Final Open Networking Session for All Conference Attendees, Presenters, Panelists and Moderators
Moderated by Alisa Clickenger (1 Hour)
*Schedule Subject to Change