Women’s Motorcycle Conference *Online*: Uplevel

Friday, March 12, 2021
11:00 AM EST
Conference Opening
Alisa Clickenger - Women’s Motorcycle Tours
11:30 AM EST
Why Play in the DIRT: Dirt, Dual Sport & Adventure Riding Shal Marie of SheADV & Sue Slate Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc.
12:00 PM EST
ADVICE NOT NEEDED - How To Stop Taking Advice and Start Getting Coached
Sara Lobkovich, Chief Officer, The Moto Curious
1:00 PM EST
REV IT UP: How To Master Your Morning For More Energy
Megan Nolan, Vitality Coach
1:00 PM EST
This connection session hosted by WomenRidersNow.com Topic: Rider education and training: your experiences with training and educational resources, plus what you’ve found most useful as you evolve your riding.
Wendy Crockett, 2019 Iron Butt Rally Winner
2:00 PM EST
TAKE THE TIME - Finding Time To Ride As A Young Mother
Whitney Meza, Digital Creator
3:00 PM EST
Going Global - How To Uplevel Your Motorcycle ExperienceMichelle Lamphere, Adventure Motorcycle Traveler and Author
4:00 PM EST
PROMOTE YOUR PASSION - How To Connect With Others Around Your Shared Passion For Motorcycles
Jessica Kline, CEO- Backwoods Promotion Inc.
5:00 PM EST
IronWoman - Kristen Matlock's Rise to Racing Success and Journey to The Dakar Rally
Kristen Matlock, Professional RZR Racer and SCORE Baja 1000 Champ
Factory Polaris RZR Athlete
‘21 Dakar Finisher
‘20 SCORE Class Champion
‘19 Baja 1000 1st Pro UTV
‘18 & ‘20 Baja 500 1st Overall UTV
6:00 PM EST
RIDING DIRTY - Level Up Your Street Riding By Cross-Training In The DirtJen “Jrod” Dunstan, Regional Sales, KTM Group
7:00 PM EST
Like A Woman - A Film About Women Breaking Barriers In The Workforce Gail Mooney, Director - Like a Woman
8:00 PM EST
After-hours Party with Presenters (all in one Zoom Room)Alisa Clickenger & Wendy Crockett
Saturday, March 13, 2021
11:00 AM EST
Tales Of Determination Angie Sandow, Founder - Justridin.com
12:00 PM EST
FIT TO RIDE - It All Starts With A Stretch, A Bit of Balancing and A Lot of Core
Tina McDermott, Personal Trainer, Inspirational Chef, Speaker & Weight Loss Coach
1:00 PM EST
Creating Confidence on and Off the Bike Alisa Clickenger, Leader - Women’s Motorcycle Tours
2:00 PM EST
Tires 101 Getting The Most Out of Your Tires
Misty Johnson, Northwest Regional Sales Manager - Dunlop Tires
Cris Sommer Simmons - Author of The American Motorcycle Girls 1900 - 1950, Carla King - Misadventures Media, Dee Jones - Author of 50 States of Consciousness, Liz Jansen - Author of Crash Landing, Debi Tolbert Duggar - Author of Riding Soul-O - Moderated by Alisa
3:00 PM EST
Get Dirty! - Moto-Maintenance Is For Everyone
Rocky Ha, Owner - Rocky Wrenches and Rides
4:00 PM EST
Joey Lindahl, Indian Motorcycle
Alisa Clickenger, Conference Producer
Wendy Crockett, 2019 Iron Butt Rally Winner and 2020 American Motorcyclist Association Bessie Stringfield Award Winner
5:30 PM EST
WCM: On a mission to get more women ridingLisa Malachowsky, Chairperson of the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists
6:00 PM EST
7 Lessons From A Life Changing Accident Vanessa Ruck, The Girl On A Bike .
Connection Sessions

Topic: Motorcycles Track days, Tires, and Traction - LIVE from Daytona!
Misty Johnson and Cori Maynard of Dunlop

7:00 PM EST
One Life, Many Roads, One Man, HOPE, and Endless Opportunities-Just STEP OUT!
Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez, Non-Boring Professional Engineer, Adventurer
8:00 PM EST
After-hours Party with Presenters (all are welcome!)
Alisa Clickenger & Wendy Crockett