March 4-5, 2022 [online] Theme = Education

March 4-5, 2022 [online] Theme = Education
FRIDAY March 4, 2022
11:00 AM EST Alisa Clickenger, Event Producer, Women’s Motorcycle ConferenceConference Opening + How to Conference
12:00 PM ESTKirsten Midura, Founder of Engines for Change(PRE)LOVED: How to buy a used motorcycle
1:00 PM ESTBobbie Carlson, Director of State Programs, Total Control TrainingWomen in Motorcycle Training - Then and Now
2:00 PM ESTDonna Wiegle, Advocate, Author, and Speaker, TEAL on WHEELS TEAL on WHEELS: Navigating Cancer on my Harley
3:00 PM ESTAmanda Hazzah, Co-founder, The Women’s Moto ProjectThe Women's Moto Project - Helping women to stay alive and thrive on two wheels
4:00 PM ESTMallory Apperson, Customer Growth & Engagement Manager at Polaris IndustriesConnection Session: Conversation about Group Riding
5:30 PM EST Sarah Schilke & Erin Sills of Moto Knowledge Resources
6:00 PM ESTMisty Johnson, Western Regional Sales Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle TiresTire Tools-Making sure your tires are ready for the ride!
7:00 PM EST After Hours Party
SATURDAY March 5, 2022
11:00 AM EST Sarah Schilke, Co-Chairwoman, Fun Rides - All Year Round!
12:00 PM EST Antonia Van Becker, Co-Owner, Self Health Institute Connecting to Your Core: Tapping into Strength, Courage and Self-Confidence
1:00 PM EST Sylvia Henderson, Leadership Development Facilitator, LEAD YOUR RIDE - Be the Leader People Want to Follow
2:00 PM EST Joanne Donn, Founder, YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE - Or Do You?
3:00 PM EST Alisa Clickenger, Event Producer, Women’s Motorcycle Conference Solo Motorcycle Travel for Women
4:00 PM EST Connection Session Connection Session
5:00 PM EST Elizabeth Rabe, Academy Manager, Colorado Motorcycle Academy Rider Coaches.. we have a ball but don’t play games.
6:00 PM EST Michelle Lamphere, Adventure Motorcycle Traveler and Author Learn How to Ride Around the World
7:00 PM EST After Hours Party After Hours Party