Sue Slate, Co-Founder, Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc.

My goal, as co-founder of the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, has always been to promote the growth of women in motorcycling in all its forms. Having helped to host road, track, and off-road venues on behalf of breast cancer research, I am now focused on our DIRTY FOR GOOD - Dual Sport/Adventure venues, with support from other dual sport/adventure riders, mostly women but with a few good men too! To accomplish our goals, WMF has merged with SheADV to produce these Riding/Training/Fundraising venues which support female veterans with children through Final Salute, Inc. (https// I am grateful to the vast, diverse number of incredibly talented motorcycling women and men who have come into my life. Each has helped me grow, learn, and become a more skilled rider. Plus, together, we have used our passion for life on two wheels towards the greater good. It has all added up and continues to be one Hell of a Good Ride!