Lisa Malachowsky, Coalition At-Large Board Member, Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists

Lisa is a touring and off-road aficionado with over four decades of riding experience, who loves the motorcycling community's camaraderie. In 2005, after a long IT career, she combined her motorcycling passion with her profession. Lisa started in the industry at a BMW/Vespa dealership, where she worked her way up to GM. She then worked at industry giants Schuberth North America and RideNow, before becoming an entrepreneur. She has served on the boards of the Women's Coalition of Motorcycles, the BMWMOA, and the BMWRA. Lisa was also staff on the 2016 Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride. She recently retired and volunteers enthusiastically as well as writes articles for motorcycle magazines-both online and in print. She is currently the WMF's representative to the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists.