Jeanine Moss, Founder, Outfront Solutions

Jeanine Moss is a lifelong learner in health, wellness and the psychology of happiness. Jeanine grew up in Venice, California, in the 60’s and 70’s where the wellness and cannabis culture were born. If it weren’t for hip replacement surgery, she might never have discovered the medicinal effects of CBD and THC. When traditional medicine threw Jeanine into an opioid brain-haze, she found cannabis products helped her function, abate the pain and return to normal function in a matter of days rather than weeks. Today Jeanine considers herself a “Modern Midlifer” striving to be well in body, mind and spirit, and consults with companies like Wisdom Essentials in legal states, actively helping educate people about the benefits of the plant.  She rides a Piaggio 50cc scooter.