Donna Wiegle, Advocate, Author, and Speaker, TEAL on WHEELS

Donna Wiegle describes herself as being on the “accelerated living plan”. As a two-time cancer patient, cervical cancer in 1990, and now stage IV ovarian cancer, she believes she will be cheated in length of life, but she will certainly not be cheated in experiencing life. She combined her passion for motorcycle riding with her mission of raising awareness about ovarian cancer. In 2019, she rode her teal and white Harley-Davidson motorcycle 6,198 miles across the United States. She called her trip TEAL on WHEELS—teal being the color that represents ovarian cancer. She distributed 770 ovarian cancer symptom cards along the way and raised more than $50,000. In 2021, she wrote, FINDING COURAGE: Navigating Cancer on my Harley. In her book, Donna shares the successes and challenges of navigating her journey through cancer as well as navigating her way across the country on her Harley.