Bobbie Carlson, Director of State Programs, Total Control Training

Bobbie started as an English teacher in a high school in Pennsylvania. She was a motorcycle rider and implemented a Motorcycle Safety Program into the school in which students received academic credit for learning to ride safely. The course actually changed student behavior in positive ways. Bobbie left teaching and went into all levels of management of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, also providing Instructor Training for the Program. The next step in her career journey was the Motorcycle Safety Foundation where she helped pilot the BRC and rolled it out in 47 states in two years. After MSF, Bobbie worked for the U.S. Military, which included rolling out a Traffic and Motorcycle Safety Program in Europe. It was with the Military that she learned how best to save lives. She is now back in management of State Programs, with one goal - save lives and reduce fatality rates among motorcyclists.