During the last year, traveling seemed like something we should postpone for a while. But now that more and more people are getting Covid vaccinations, the world is opening up again. Now we’re focusing on making travel safe and sustainable and finding ways to explore the world in a more conscious and responsible way. Jumping on a cheap last-minute flight to Bali or going on a cruise in the Caribbean isn’t an option yet, and we may never go back to consuming travel like we do fast food or fast fashion for a while. And in a way, perhaps this is not a bad thing.

And this environment (2021) brings us precisely to that intersection of safe and sustainable…and where women’s adventure motorcycle tours are the perfect solution. Imagine riding your motorcycle or Can-Am vehicle with no worries about where you’re going or where the best places to stop are. Imagine riding with other adventurous, fun, and like-minded enthusiasts. With inspiring women riders from the motorcycle travel world as your guides, lady motorcycle riders who’ve got your back if you break down or get lost….THIS is the best form of travel there can be. Easy done-for-you travel high on the adventure front and enriching in so many different ways; adventure motorcycle tours are the perfect getaway this year. Whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie, there is an adventure waiting for you on two wheels, and here is why:

Freedom and Independence

When you are traveling on a motorcycle, you are free to come and go as you please. There are no flight schedules or tourist bus schedules to adhere to. No airport connections to make or hotels to reserve. On a guided adventure motorcycle tour, the itinerary and accommodation are pre-planned for you, and all you do is gear up and ride, knowing that the best roads and the best stops are already lined up. Guided tours provide the safety and comfort of an experienced guide, yet allow you the freedom of riding at your own pace.

Sense of Adventure

Going on an adventure motorcycle tour means that the unexpected is already under control. A flat tire, a closed road, or unexpectedly worsened weather conditions – anything can happen, but because you’re riding with an experienced group, you can easily change course and adapt. Taking a scenic detour, weathering a storm out in a log cabin, or meeting the locals looking for help with your bike can lead to incredible experiences and create memories you will cherish for years to come. A motorcycle tour,  when guided and supported, is all about the experience first and foremost. And even when things do not go as planned, you have your own support team to handle the hiccups.

Supporting Local Businesses

Sustainable travel means being mindful about the places you visit and the people you meet, as well as the impact you have on the communities you pass through. Going on an adventure motorcycle tour with Women’s Motorcycle Tours, you are supporting smaller, local businesses such as restaurants, shops, diners, and guesthouses along the way. By design, adventure motorcycle tours are created to give you a unique experience of the area you are traveling through, and tour staff always aims to add stops that would offer a glimpse into the local ways of life, local heritage, and local quirks. Forget faceless chain hotels and eateries: on an adventure motorcycle tour, it’s all about a rich, special experience and connection.

Traveling in Small Groups

Over-tourism had become a serious issue all around the world in recent years, so much so that locals around the globe are taking measures to curb overcrowding. We have all seen photos of the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, perpetually besieged by selfie-taking tourist hordes, the buildings of Venice overshadowed by gargantuan cruise ships, or the Great Wall of China overflowing with tourist foot traffic. No such thing happens on an adventure motorcycle tour where you are traveling in a small group and visiting hidden gems and places that have not yet been discovered by the masses. Riding roads less traveled, discovering locations and landmarks that can only be accessed by way of two wheels, and hanging out with a select group of other riders is what makes adventure tours an ideal way to travel right now.